TM Home Special Package : TM UniFi Upsizing Promo

TM has launched the UNIFI UPSIZING PROMO TACTICAL CAMPAIGN for Unifi Home 30Mbps & 50Mbps packages effective from 4th July until 31st December 2019.

Here are the package details:

Unifi 30Mbps @ RM79/month
With 60GB Quota (30Mbps Download/10Mbps Upload)

ADD RM10 = Unifi 30Mbps @ RM89/month
Unlimited Quota (30Mbps Download/10Mbps Upload)

ADD RM20 = Unifi 50Mbps @ RM99/month
Unlimited Quota (50Mbps Download/10Mbps Upload)


* Open to Malaysian citizen and foreigner.
* Promotion valids for RESIDENTIAL category and NEW Installation only.
* Customer will be provided with a FREE wireless modem with 12 months warranty from the date of installation.
* Content – Play TV (17 FTA channels) & Complimentary of 30-days free viewing of all channels.
* Voice – 20sen/min *Not entitled for any speed Turbo.
* The minimum subscription period is 24months.
* Early termination (within contact period) the remaining months of broadband monthly subscription fee (price before discount) will be charged.
* All new packages are subject to technical availability where the Unifi services are available at the time of subscription.* Terms and condition, termination, penalty still follow as per current process.


The New Package is STRICTLY for new subscription; not eligible for those customers who are using existing Unifi with the old plan with higher monthly subscription fee at the same premise, and would like to terminate the old account and to re-apply for the new promo pack.

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