TM UniFi Plan 2019 Promotion ( NEW )

Many people may not be familiar with TM Unifi plan. Here I am going to give you a rough idea about the available plans.

You are now on the right page to check an internet plan that suits you.

There are now a few types of fibre internet promotion online, but you are not sure which plan is right for you.

Now you can choose from TM UNiFi, Maxis Fibre and also TIME Fibre. For your information, TIME Fibre only covers limited areas within Klang Valley and a few big cities.

Let’s talk about UniFi plan first..

You can save between RM30- 50 if you just subscribe for internet service only. That’s is about 3-5 times of your meals. Why not…

There are internet plans with UniFi PlayTV ( on mobile only ) or with Set-Top Box.

First, let see the plans which Telekom Malaysia currently offers.

Price Range: Below RM100 ( subject to 6% SST )… Click the image to see the plan details. This plan is only for a limited time offer. Hurry!!! Don’t miss it…

These three plans come without Set-Top Box. That’s why you find it RM30-50 cheaper….

UniFi Plan Below RM100



















Next, let see the UniFi plan that ranges below RM150.

Click the image to see the plan details.

UniFi Plan below RM150

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