TM UNIFI PROMO : FREE 1 month unifi subscription! Limitted Offer Until 30th September 2019!!!

TM has launched the Unifi 1 month package fee waiver Campaign for Unifi Home, Unifi Biz & Biz Broadband packages effective on 5th September until 30th September 2019.

Package fee waiver for all unifi unlimited plan as below:

Unifi Home
unifi Advance 100Mbps (RM129) FTTH
unifi Advance 100Mbps – Ultimate (RM159) FTTH
unifi Pro 300Mbps (RM199) FTTH
unifi Basic Unlimited 30Mbps (RM139) VDSL
unifi Basic Unlimited 30Mbps -Upsizing (RM89) FTTH & VDSL
unifi Basic Unlimited 50Mbps -Upsizing (RM99) FTTH

Unifi Biz
unifi Biz 10Mbps 2019 (RM179) FTTH
unifi Biz 30Mbps 2019 (RM249) FTTH
unifi Biz 50Mbps 2019 (RM299) FTTH
unifi Biz 100Mbps 2019 (RM349) FTTH
unifi Biz 10Mbps – Super Treats (RM139) FTTH
unifi Biz 30Mbps High-Rise 2019 (RM139) VDSL

Biz Broadband (Streamyx)
Streamyx Biz 2.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM198)
Streamyx Biz 4.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM208)
Streamyx Biz 8.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM248)
Stx 2.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM228)
Stx 4.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM248)
Stx 8.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM268) 

Unifi Home
unifi Pro 300Mbps – Excess Deal (RM199)
unifi Advance 100Mbps – Ultimate Excess Deal (RM159)
unifi Advance 100Mbps – Excess Deal (RM129) FTTH
unifi Basic Unlimited 30Mbps – Excess Deal (RM139 VDSL)
unifi Basic Unlimited 50Mbps – Upsizing Excess Deal (RM99)
unifi Basic Unlimited 30Mbps – Upsizing Excess Deal (RM89)

Unifi Biz
unifi Biz 10Mbps 2019 (RM179)
unifi Biz 30Mbps 2019 (RM249)
unifi Biz 50Mbps 2019 (RM299)
unifi Biz 100Mbps 2019 (RM349)
unifi Biz 10Mbps – Super Treats (RM139)
unifi Biz 30Mbps High-Rise 2019 (RM139 VDSL)

Biz Broadband (Streamyx)
Streamyx Biz 2.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM198)
Streamyx Biz 4.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM208)
Streamyx Biz 8.0M – Super Saver 2019 (RM248)
Stx 2.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM228)
Stx 4.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM248)
Stx 8.0M SME – Sayangi Malaysia (RM268) 

Important Notes :
* Campaign is exclusively offered to a NEW customer who subscribes to selected unifi Home Fibre, Unifi Biz and Biz Broadband (Streamyx) plans. Upgrade or downgrade of unifi plan is not entitled for the1-Month Free Campaign.
* The 1-Month Free subscription are limited to the actual unifi plan price only and is exclusive to any add-ons or additional unifi TV package. Example: If you subscribe to unifi plan100Mbps at RM129, you will be entitled to a 1-month free for the price of RM129. You will then need to pay for any additional add-ons on top of this plan.
* The Campaign shall commence from 5th until 30th September 2019. However, during the Campaign Period TM may, at its sole and absolute discretion to withdraw, cancel, suspend, extend or terminate the Campaign without prior notice to subscribers.
* Upon activation of the Campaign Package subscription, the customer will enjoy one(1)month subscription-free on the first bill of the activated Campaign Package and such free will be reflected in the service bill. Customer is only entitled to enjoy one(1)Campaign entitlement during the Campaign Period per registered address.
* Customer who subscribes to any of the Campaign Package at the end of the campaign date on 30th September 2019 will still be qualified for the Campaign with the condition the Campaign Package installation is completed latest by fourteen(14)days from 30th September 2019.

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